Tenderheart Vest Package

The AHG Tenderheart Vest Package contains the essential uniform pieces for any new Tenderheart. Your American Heritage Girl will adore wearing the iconic uniform, you’ll love this cost-effective package option. Win-win.

This package includes: Tenderheart Vest (red), Tenderheart Neckerchief (navy), AHG Neckerchief Slide, AHG Flag Patch, AHG Membership Pin, and Blue Troop Number Patches (qty: 4).

Open Vest Size Chart

Important Notes:

  • Some, but not all of the items in this package require you to choose a size or a number from the dropdown before proceeding. Please take your time and be sure to choose the correct sizes and numbers.
  • Items that don’t have a dropdown under them are included in the package and no further action is needed.
  • Any additional packages, as well as items not part of this package, must be added to the cart separately.