Q. Which registered members of a Troop have automatic access to locked down items (badges, awards, and some Stars & Stripes Award items) when using their AHG login credentials?
A.The Troop Coordinator, Vice Coordinator, Troop Treasurer, Troop Advancement Chair, Charter Representative, Troop Shepherd, and Trailblazer Mentor each have access to locked down items with login credentials.

Q. What if my Troop needs to add additional registered members that do not have access to the locked down items (badges, awards, and some Stars & Stripes Award items)?
A.The Troop Coordinator or Vice Coordinator can designate a registered memberto be the “AHGstore Troop Purchaser”. Please follow the steps below when logged into AHGconnect to designate a member:

  •     Click on Troop Roster
  •     View Roster
  •     Click the name of the person you want to designate
  •     Click the Positions tab
  •     Click “Add Leadership Position” at the top of the page
  •     Choose the AHGstore Troop Purchaser role from the drop-down list
  •     Click “Create Leadership Positions”

Once the above steps are completed the designated member will have access to the locked items.

Q. What type of payment can we use on the AHGstore?
A.Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal eCheck.

Q. Will my Troop numbers for my uniform and startup packages automatically be added to the package or will I have to manually order the numbers?
A.You will have to manually order the numbers you need for the packages you order.

Q. How do I place an international order?
A.You can use the website and place your order online.

Q. How do I exchange an item?
A.AHG no longer accepts exchanges. Please use the return form to return items for a refund and re-order the correct item on the AHGstore. You will be charged a $2.75 restocking fee per order.

Q. Can I return or exchange badges?
A.AHG no longer accepts badge returns or exchanges. The purchase of all badges is final.

Q. What if I have an Unfulfilled order being displayed in my account?
A.  Any order discrepancies, such as “Unfulfilled Orders”, must be reported within 60 days of the confirmation of the order.

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