GratiKube by GoodKind


The GratiKube is a 12-sided wooden die designed to help you practice gratitude all year long. Give it a roll, see how it lands, then give thanks to God!

GoodKind has taken many of life's small but delightful moments and put them on the GratiKube to make gratitude fun. By game-i-fying wonder, we think you'll find your gratitude muscle grow.

How it works:

  1. Roll the GratiKube.  It's like a die, but it has 12 sides - so technically, it's not a cube.
  2. The GratiKube lands with one of life's moments facing up. That's your category.  Now, give thanks to God for something that fits into this category: "God, thank you for . . . "
  3. Roll as many times as you like. Keep it short or keep the good times rolling. It's your GratiKube, so feel free to mix it up!
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