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Team Bundle: The Team Bundle sessions address navigating relationships between a leader and her team members to create a God-honoring experience for all involved. This bundle includes three complete sessions: Servant Leadership, Peer Influence, and Building Culture.

Servant Leadership Session: The most effective leaders do not press down from above but lift up and provide support from solid foundations. This session guides girls through the ways servant leaders develop growth in those they lead.

Peer Influence Session: Influencing friends can be fun but comes with its own set of challenges. In this session, girls will discover what it means to mobilize others, maintain friendships, live as a peacemaker, and lead from their sweet spot. Originally published in 2021, this second version incorporates minor wording changes to the session guide, a NEW coloring sheet, and a NEW fill-in-the-blank session guide.

Building Culture Session:The environment that girls foster can lead to either an unhealthy culture or a unified community. This session teaches girls the meaning and significance of culture, the ingredients for creating a welcoming space, and how to balance work and fun with love and grace to build healthy team camaraderie.

Session Materials: Each Session Guide includes an overview of the session, supply checklist, games, skits and challenges, lesson script, link to lesson video download, breakout activities, a large group activity, journaling prompts, and a devotion to take back to your Troop. Additional digital files for each session include a coloring sheet, key concept cards, and a guided notes and application guide for older girls.

Event Guide: Each G.R.I.T. with Grace digital download includes a complete Event Guide, which explains the ins and outs of the G.R.I.T. with Grace curriculum and how to hold a successful event, with graphics, event logistics, and a breakdown of the curriculum provided for each session.

AHG Members are encouraged to visit the Girl Leadership Program Emphasis landing page on AHGresource for additional information about AHG’s girl leadership training curriculum.

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