GRIT with Grace Foundations Bundle Download V2


Foundations Bundle: AHG recommends the Foundations Bundle if your Troop is only able to complete a very small portion of the GRIT with Grace sessions (i.e., first year, limited time, training rotated with other girl leadership patch programs, etc.). The Grit and Grace and Everyone Can Lead sessions are considered essential, meaning one or both are ideal session openers for any GRIT with Grace event, regardless of which other sessions are included in that event. This bundle includes four complete sessions: Grit and Grace, Everyone Can Lead, Identity in Christ, and Circle of Influence.

Grit and Grace Session V2: Leadership rooted in Christ provides the opportunity for the Lord to pour into girls’ lives to impact tomorrow. This essential session explains the meaning behind the GRIT with Grace name and explores how Christ-like courage and grace can help girls grow Godly grit.

Everyone Can Lead Session V3: This session teaches the essential GRIT with Grace lesson that everyone has a responsibility to lead as a Christ-follower by defining leadership and explaining basic leadership skills.

Identity in Christ Session V3: Looking through a Biblical Worldview, this session will help girls discover how to use their skills, talents, and abilities to grow deep into their leadership gifts by knowing who they are and Whose they are!

Circle of Influence Session V2: God has equipped everyone with the capacity to influence others for His purpose. This session discusses how a better understanding of a girl’s circle of influence can increase intentionality in building and maximizing her most important relationships.

Session Materials: Each session guide includes an overview of the session, supply checklist, games, skits and challenges, lesson script, link to lesson video download, breakout activities, a large group activity, journaling prompts, and a devotion to take back to your Troop meetings. Additional digital files for each session include a coloring sheet, key concept cards, and a guided notes and application guide for older girls.

Event Guide: Each GRIT with Grace digital download includes a complete Event Guide, which explains the ins and outs of the GRIT with Grace curriculum and how to hold a successful event, with graphics, event logistics, and a breakdown of the curriculum provided for each session.

AHG Members are encouraged to visit the Leadership Program Emphasis page on AHGresource for additional information about AHG’s girl leadership training curriculum.

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