Explorer Start-up Package

The Explorer Start-Up Package has everything you need for your American Heritage Girl to get started in the program as an Explorer. This online-exclusive package includes: Explorer Vest (navy), Explorer Neckerchief (red), AHG Neckerchief Slide, AHG Flag Patch, AHG Membership Pin, Red Troop Number Patches (qty: 4), AHG Official Short-Sleeved Girl Uniform Polo in white, Badge Magic Starter Kit, and the AHG Tenderheart & Explorer Handbook.

Open Polo Size Chart

Open Vest Size Chart

Important Notes:

  • Some, but not all of the items in this package require you to choose a size or a number from the dropdown before proceeding. Please take your time and be sure to choose the correct sizes and numbers.
  • Items that don’t have a dropdown under them are included in the package and no further action is needed.
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