AHG Post Card and Sticker Set

What greater way to stay connected with your AHG friends and family than to send a handwritten note to those you care about! This AHG Post Card and Sticker set, inspired by the AHG Creed, will bring a smile to anyone… AHG Pen Pal, Girl Member, leader or family member alike! 

The set of 12 cards includes one featuring each of the AHG Creed words and two coloring page cards that can be customized with your creativity.  The cool stickers can be creatively colored and added to a fun picture to share with your new friend, to seal an envelope, or added to one of the AHG Post Cards before you drop it in the mail.

Card size: 5” x 7”

The 8.5” x 11” sticker sheet contains 12 stickers.

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