AHG Knot Tying Cards by Pro-Knot©


With over 1.5 million knot cards sold, Pro-Knot is America's favorite knot reference that you can count on for their reliability and accuracy.  This set contains 17 different knots and a handy carabiner.  Plus, with the waterproof cards, these knot cards can go anywhere with you!  Get ready to tie the perfect knot!

There are step-by-step instructions for joining ropes together, tying rope to objects and making loops.  Knots include:  Overhand, Bowline, Square Knot, Water Knot, Rolling Hitch, Clove Hitch, Sheet Bend, Double Sheet Bend, Trucker's Hitch, Mooring Hitch, Cleat Hitch, Tautline Hitch, Buntline Hitch, Butterfly Knot, Half Hitch, and more.

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