Advent Blocks Traditions Set by GoodKind


Your purchase helps to expand the American Heritage Girl Ministry and build more women of integrity.

Advent Blocks is a tangible, meaningful practice to help kids—and parents—anticipate Jesus, not just presents.

The Traditions Set of Advent Blocks comes with . . .

  • 27 1.5" beech blocks with rounded edges.
  • Hardback version of The King Is Coming (GoodKind's 25 day guide) with a red place-keeping ribbon.
  • Natural wood finish, sliding top wood box for safekeeping year after year.

How it works:

  1. Line Up the Blocks:  Set all the blocks in line 1-25, then put the Star Block on top of number 1 and the Earth Block on top of number 25.
  2. Turn the Block and Move the Star:  Each day, you will read a story and turn the number block to reveal an image that corresponds with that day's story.  Then you'll move the Star Block one step closer to the Earth Block:  Jesus is coming to earth.
  3. The Big Reveal:  On Christmas Eve, turn the blocks one more time to reveal the special message:  EMMANUEL, GOD WITH US!
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